The OB Suite

Experience An Obstetrics Suite Like No Other

At South Carolina OB/GYN Associates we offer an obstetrics suite unrivaled by any other facility in the Midlands. We welcome both parents to participate in the pregnancy process at the OB Suite. The OB Suite, which is conveniently attached to our office, offers our pregnant patients an opportunity to access education and care throughout all stages of pregnancy.

We offer complete prenatal services to our new and growing families, from education to differing styles of labor and delivery to after-pregnancy care.

Education Services

Our nurses and medical staff offer excellent education throughout your pregnancy to cover everything you may encounter:

  • Changes to expect throughout pregnancy
  • Labor and delivery techniques
  • Birthing alternatives
  • Testing throughout pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding instruction
  • Nutrition
  • Child birth classes

Labor and Delivery Options

  • Natural birth without the use of anesthetics or epidurals
  • Vaginal birth with the use of anesthetics and or epidurals
  • Cesarean section when medically necessary

Ultrasound Services

We provide diagnostic ultrasounds in the OB Suite that are performed by our sonographer and then evaluated by one of our doctors. Using sound waves to create a photo of your baby in the womb, we can follow growth patterns, detect changes, prevent potential fetal health concerns and track placental and baby's position to plan for labor and delivery. To help us perform the clearest ultrasound possible, please arrive with a full bladder.

State of the Art Diagnostics

We understand the cost of health care can be tremendous. To help manage these costs, we provide special diagnostic testing that may be necessary directly in our OB Suite. While many insurance providers cover these special diagnostic services, please check with yours first to be sure. This convenience allows us to receive and interpret results in real time so you don’t have to wait as long.

What You Can Expect From Our Team Approach in the OB Suite

While you are welcome to appoint one doctor as your main caregiver, we work together to meet all of the needs our patients face throughout pregnancy. Because one doctor would never be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we ask our patients to meet and see all of our doctors to gain a level of comfort working together. We help you do this by rotating each visit with each of our doctors. We can best cover all of our patient's needs all the way through labor, delivery, and beyond when we apply this successful team approach.

We look forward to joining your family on your journey through a healthy pregnancy all the way to welcoming your new baby into the world!

Have a question or need to schedule an appointment? We have a special BABY LINE dedicated to you. Call us at 803-799-BABY (2229).


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