Considerations for Your Growing Household


Starting a family is an exciting journey. The entire dynamic of the house changes to welcome your new little person into the world. Our physicians and staff understand the concerns and excitement that face new families or those thinking about starting a family. If you and your partner are considering starting a family, we are happy to be your source for education and support as you embark down this new path.

There are many considerations to take into account - fertility, financial, childcare, and more. Once you and your partner are on the same page, we can start the process of planning a family from there. Depending on your age, perhaps genetic testing will be important. If you have a health history of high-risk pregnancy in your family, for example, we can help determine if this may affect you, and then help you manage your risk.

We understand and respect that each couple's values are unique and special. We will discuss your concerns and help answer questions surrounding the family planning process.

Before Starting a Family, We Suggest You Consider:

  • Are you receiving pressure from parents? While many parents love the idea of becoming grandparents, your want for children should always be the driving force to conceive.
  • Is a break from career-life on the horizon for you?
  • Have you considered the possibility of twins? If twins run in the family, there is a chance you could also become pregnant with twins. Is this something you think you are ready for?
  • Can you afford it? It's a difficult question to ask yourselves, but with joy comes stress, and no couple needs to be suffering from excessive financial strain while trying to raise a new baby.
  • Do my genes affect my decision to conceive? Some couples wonder if they should conceive based on their genetic histories. If you see adoption as a more viable goal, we can refer you to services that can help.

What To Consider If Your Family Is Growing

Rearranging the house, pulling out those baby bottles all over, starting anew to welcome a new member of the family – these can all be both exciting and overwhelming. Will you have two babies in diapers? Will you need to arrange for more childcare? Do you have enough room? All of these are big questions to consider when growing your family.

Often we place so much of the emphasis on the new baby, we may not consider enough how the new baby will affect the daily life of his or her older sibling(s). Considering how you will be able to divide your time to offer each child personal time will be an essential question to consider. And, that burning question, can we afford to bring another child into the family?

Our team can help you find answers to all of these questions. Please call to discuss setting up a family planning consultation with us soon!


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