Nursing & Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Can Benefit Your Entire Family's Health and Wellness

The benefits of breastfeeding can have an exceptionally positive impact on your health, that of your baby's and even extend into your relationship with your partner. We hope you have decided to try breastfeeding. We understand that due to particular health concerns or personal reasons, not all mothers will be able to or choose to breastfeed. We are happy to help guide you and your new family through the nursing and breastfeeding stages of your new baby's life.

The benefits of breastfeeding are vast:

  • Just following birth up until one year is most important for your child's growth and development. The first hour after giving birth is crucial for receiving colostrum from mother's milk. If you give birth in a hospital or birthing center we suggest keeping baby with you in your room as much as possible to enjoy as much bonding as well as being able to feed baby on demand.
  • If you have any doubt that baby is not latching or getting enough nutrition, contact your birthing center or hospital's lactation consultant to help out. Nipple shields and different techniques may help you and baby relax, ensuring proper feeding.
  • Get ready for your milk to come in. This means your breasts may increase several sizes. Have several well-fitting nursing bras on hand for easy access to feeding baby.
  • If you need to go back to work or desire to pump because your partner will be involved with feeding, ask your lactation consultant to help you set up a schedule between your regular feedings.
  • Be sure to get enough hydration. Newly breastfeeding mothers often find themselves fatigued or tired due to lack of proper hydration. You may also need to consume extra calories while breastfeeding.

Tips for Using Formula When Necessary

Not everyone will choose to breastfeed or is able to. When this is the case, we suggest using preservative-free, hypo-allergenic formulas. Just because you are not breastfeeding does not mean you cannot enjoy the same high level of bonding with your child during feeding time.

Bottle feeding with formula may also offer a chance for dad and other family members to bond with baby, giving mom a much needed window for a nap or personal time. Your pediatrician can help you decide which type of formula preparation will be most suited to your baby's needs.


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