Pregnancy Care

Comprehensive Pregnancy Services in Columbia SC

Finding out you're pregnant is an exciting, yet nerve-racking time. Although you may be nervous, we're here to assist you through every step of the process beginning with getting pregnant and through to delivery.

We pride ourselves on being a source of information for women's health throughout life but especially during pregnancy. Education on taking care of yourself during pregnancy is important because without a healthy mommy, it's difficult to have a healthy baby.

Our prenatal/obstetrics services start even before you get pregnant. We encourage women to begin seeing us early in their plans to start a family so we can advise them on the steps they need to take to get healthier before pregnancy and to help their chances of conception.

We offer more comprehensive services for trying to conceive as well, such as infertility testing and treatment. We can discover the root of the trouble and provide you with a course of action to help your chances of conception. For instance, we can prescribe certain medications that can help improve fertility and make recommendations for further fertility treatment that may be beyond our realm of care, including in vitro fertilization.

Prenatal Care Services

Once you do conceive, we provide a comprehensive prenatal care plan that begins with your first visit. We evaluate your medical history and discuss with you your questions and concerns. In the first trimester, we will determine if your pregnancy is considered high-risk and advise you on the steps to take for a safer pregnancy. Even if yours is not a high-risk pregnancy, we will still educate you on precautions to take.

We care about your child's health almost as much as you do; we want what's best for him or her. This includes giving you a list of activities, foods, and medications to avoid. Throughout your entire pregnancy, we will conduct the necessary testing to make sure you and baby stay healthy, which starts at your first visit when we do a pap smear and blood testing.

We will do regular ultrasounds to ensure your baby is growing properly, giving you a prime opportunity to see your baby's development and hear his or her heartbeat. During your entire pregnancy, we will be more than just your health provider; we act as a support system for you. You are encouraged to discuss your concerns and help determine your pregnancy and delivery plan.

Post Delivery Care

Even after your baby is born, we still want to assist in making sure you stay healthy. That's why we not only have breastfeeding support prior to and during your child's first few days, but we also have specialists who can assist you throughout the entire time you nurse. One of the reasons why some mothers end their breastfeeding relationship with their child early is because of a lack of support, so we make sure we're there to coach you and support you.

It can be overwhelming being a new mother or adding another child to your family, and we know postpartum depression can make it even more difficult. Our doctors and staff are here to support you if you find yourself struggling with depression after delivery.

If you’re pregnant or planning to start a family soon, browse the services we offer and learn more about what to expect during this exciting time. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our physicians.


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