Prescription Refills

Keeping up-to-date on your prescription refills is essential to maintaining your good health and seeing optimal results. We try very hard to fulfill your prescription requests as quickly as possible so that your daily routine is not interrupted.

To best fulfill your requests, we ask that you submit your prescriptions refill requests at least one week in advance. Please be aware of the amount of your prescription that is left so you can give yourself plenty of time to have them refilled without interruption.

Once requested, your prescription may take up to 48 hours to complete. Keep in mind that we cannot refill your prescription after hours as we do not have access to your medical records. However, you may submit your requests at any time.

Keep in mind that we cannot fulfill new antibiotic requests by phone. You will need to schedule an appointment to have your antibiotic prescription written.

Due to changes in many health insurance plans, the prescription refill process has become very complicated and time consuming. We understand how important your prescriptions are to your health and ask for your help in getting them refilled in a timely manner.

Request Prescription Refills Online

Submitting a prescription refill request is simple to do online through the Patient Portal. This service is available to you 24/7; however, we can only fill prescriptions during regular business hours. You will be asked to provide:

  • Your name
  • Your physician's name
  • Drugstore name and phone number
  • Drug name that needs to be refilled

If we encounter any problems refilling your prescription or need any further information, we will call you.

Requesting Mail Order Prescriptions

In effort to reduce their own costs, many insurance companies and employer plans have complicated the process for refilling mail order prescriptions. If your insurance plan or employer requires preauthorization or precertification on mail order prescriptions, we may bill you for this service since it usually involves completion of additional forms and time for our staff to contact these entities.

Simple mail order prescription refills usually do not require this additional administrative work. In that case, we will write you the prescription and give to you to send to the appropriate mail order pharmacy.

If you have any questions about your prescription or getting it refilled, please give us a call so we can answer your questions and get you your prescriptions in a timely fashion.


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