Helpful Hints

INSURANCE: We ask that you bring your insurance card to every visit. Please be familiar with the benefits you have with your insurance carrier. They are NOT all the same! All co-pays and deductibles are to be paid at the time of the visit. (This is required by most insurance carriers in their contracts) You may contact our Insurance Department at (803) 799.8816 during normal practice hours if you need assistance.

REFERRALS: Many insurance companies require a referral from your primary care provider BEFORE coming to our office. If you need one, Please make sure we receive it before your appointment. It can be faxed to (803) 771.7597.

PARKING: Free gargage parking is available and is just outside our offices. We ask that you park on the same floor as your appointment if possible.

LATE or "NO-SHOW": If you're running late please call ahead. Please cancel your appointment rather than "No Show" so someone else can use it.

EMAIL: You can email your prescription refill requests and Routine (non-urgent) appointment date requests. For refills, we'll need your name, your chart number (if you have it) your physician's name, the drugstore's name and phone number, and of course, the drug name of what you want refilled.

Please remember, that while you can email your request at anytime, we can only complete your request during normal business hours. We'll call you if we encounter any problems. You may also FAX (803.771.7597) your refill and appointment requests.

For security and privacy reasons, we cannot reply by email.

MAMMOGRAMS: If you are coming for a mammo appointment, please be sure 365 days have passed since your last mammogram.

SUGGESTIONS TO IMPROVE SERVICE: We are ALWAYS looking for better ways to take care of you. If you have any ideas, or have any concerns, please contact our administrator directly by calling (803) 254.9225.