Urogynecological Services for Comprehensive Healthcare

Urogynecology is a subspecialty of gynecology and is the treatment of pelvic floor disorders, such as pelvic floor prolapse and uterine prolapse. Pelvic organ prolapse is a condition where pelvic organs have bulged or herniated into the vagina. This may involve the bladder, the uterus, vagina and/or the rectum.

At least 1/3 of women will experience a urogynecological concern that calls for treatment or surgery at some point in their lives. The key is keeping up with your regular exams so we can help you prevent these situations. When they do arise we are here to support you emotionally and physically to help you heal.

Signs and symptoms of pelvic floor prolapse may include urinary incontinence, urinary frequency and urinary urgency. If you are experiencing any of these concerns, it always helps to give us a call to evaluate your personal situation. In many cases, pelvic floor exercises, nutritional counseling or medication may help assist your situation. Once we see you at a visit, we will determine if the need for surgery or further treatment may exist.

Urogynecological Services We Offer

Suspension of prolapsed uterus

For this procedure, a vaginal mesh is placed in the uterus to prevent further falling of the uterus into the vagina. In some cases, hysterectomy may be indicated if the uterus is falling to a certain degree. We will determine which will be most ideal for you.

UroDynamics testing

UroDynamics testing gauges the function of how well the bladder and urethra are storing and releasing urine. This state of the art technique will help us understand why you may be experiencing urinary incontinence or other related urinary signs and symptoms. This test will help determine whether you are a candidate for surgery or if incontinence is a serious concern for you.

For this test:

  • Please arrive with as full of a bladder as possible
  • The amount of urine you excrete will be measured along with the rate
  • A catheter will be placed into the bladder via the urethra measuring the volume of any remaining urine

Determining if you are experiencing a urogynecological health concern is essential to ensuring you do not miss out on activities you love most, such as exercise or traveling, but also for your overall health. Organs thrive together optimally when positioned correctly. To avoid disrupting this harmony, we suggest seeing us for your regular exams. Our team looks forward to seeing you at a visit soon.


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