Procedures & Surgery

Procedures and Surgeries Needed for Women’s Overall Health

At South Carolina OB/GYN Associates, we strive to provide our procedures and surgeries in a caring, safe environment. We offer a number of minimally invasive surgeries and preventive screening procedures to help optimize your health.

At your visit we will determine if your needs can be met in our office. If not, we work with other surgeons in the area when a referral may be necessary.


Colposcopy is a safe and effective procedure to view tissues of the vagina, vulva, and cervix very closely to determine if any disease or abnormality exists. If your pap smear results revealed abnormal results, we may suggest this procedure to examine any potential atypical cellular or tissue changes. This procedure may sound stressful, but it can help us determine if vaginal warts exist, if pre-cancerous cells are present, and your potential risk for cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, and vulvar cancer.


LEEP stands for loop electrosurgical excision procedure. This procedure uses a thin, low-voltage electrified wire loop to cut away abnormal cervical tissue that may have been discovered during a colposcopy. LEEP procedures can cut away tissue that is residing high in the cervical canal that may not be able to be seen during colposcopy as well.


Laparoscopy is used to examine the pelvic region or abdominal organs of women. This test can be used to help treat adhesions, cysts, fibroids and lesions. This procedure will use a thin, lighted tube to create a small incision through the abdomen. Laparoscopy procedure is ideal and preferred because it uses such a small incision and is minimally invasive. We strive to use this procedure to help get you back on your feet and heal as quickly as possible.


Colonoscopy is performed with a thin camera inserted into the rectum to rule out colorectal cancer, one of the most easily prevented cancers today. It is also used to rule out issues that involve chronic diarrhea, blood in the stool and sometimes, abdominal pain.

While a colonoscopy may seem specific to GI health, it can also rule out microbiological influences, such as bacteria, fungus and viruses, that may be affecting your gynecological health. We suggest that women aged 50 and older start receiving a colonoscopy routinely.

We understand discovering that you may need to undergo a surgery or procedure can be a stressful thought. Our caring team will support you every step of the way. Our doctors and nurses are available to support you emotionally and physically. At your visit, please feel welcome to discuss any stress or anxiety you may be experiencing surrounding your procedure so that we may help reduce your fears.

Robotics Team

OB GYN robotics team

Dr. Holladay, Dr. Hutchinson, and Dr. Giudice comprise our robotics team. These doctors use the daVinci surgical system to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures. This system grants the doctors the ability to operate with even greater precision and control.


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