Regular Mammography for Long-lasting Wellness

A mammogram is a low dose x-ray image of the breast and its surrounding tissues to determine if lumps, bumps or irregular patterns exist. According to the FDA and the National Breast Cancer Awareness Organization, breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women here in the United States. While the prevalence of breast cancer is high, one of the best interventions to prevent this form of cancer is regular mammography.

At South Carolina OB/GYN Associates, we understand that you may be experiencing some trepidation about being screened for the potential of cancer. Like any other serious health concern, we strive to help our patients relax and take charge of their health by educating them on the life-saving technologies that exist today.

Who are Ideal Candidates for Mammography?

  • Generally, women aged 40-49 should speak to us about when to schedule their first mammogram. If you are 50-74 years old, you should begin having mammography testing every other year.
  • If any person in your family experiences or has experienced breast cancer, please let us know. We will determine when you should begin your first mammogram screenings.
  • If you are aware that anyone in your family has experienced a genetic cancer or genetic breast cancer, let us know, and we will help determine if you should begin mammogram screening earlier than age 40.

What Should I Do to Prepare for My Mammogram?

  • Avoid using deodorant, anti-perspirants, powders and lotions before coming in for your mammogram.
  • If you have prior mammography results that have not been sent to us yet, please bring these along to your visit.
  • If you experience a physical disability, please let us know so we can best prepare for your personal circumstances.
  • Breast implants may render the need for additional images or particular angles during mammography imaging. Please let us know prior to your visit or at your visit if you have any type of breast implant.
  • If you experience anxiety, please know we are here to help you feel comfortable. Let us know ahead of time so we can appropriately accommodate your personal needs.

What Can the Mammogram Detect?

Typically, two images are taken of each breast. A mammogram can often detect microcalcifications, or tiny spots where breast cancer may be present. Signs of breast cancer may include sudden changes to breast tissues, breast discoloration, nipple discharge, the presence of lumps or bumps and general malaise (that would be related to the presence of other signs and symptoms described above). If you are experiencing any or all of these signs, please call us immediately to help put your mind at ease.

Breast cancer screenings save lives. We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding risk or assessment. Call us or visit the patient portal to schedule your next appointment today.


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